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Hello, Lady Loves!

We are so happy that you are tapping into your Power to Exhale!
Power to Exhale is a women’s empowerment organization that is based in love and positive energy.  We are ever growing with 97 chapters in 5 countries and almost 200,000 members globally.  We don’t care where you work, live or play, what your husband does for a living or if you even have a husband.  We only care about your powerful potential, and how we can help get you to the best version of yourself.  How can you get involved with Exhale?  
  • Connect with the chapter nearest your home city
  • Join us on our social media platforms — Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — to keep up with all of the latest, greatest developments of the organization.
  • Look out for our online university classes that are powered by our title sponsor, Passport Health Plan, and focus on the holistic YOU.
  • Read our monthly newsletters and online magazine.
  •  As a member of Power to Exhale, it should be your deepest desire to join us at our Real Power Summit.  In 2019, that summit will be hosted in Atlanta with fabulous speakers like Iyanla Vanzant and Sarah Jakes Roberts, and there will be many more.  We will award many real women in our community, and you will leave this summit empowered beyond measure.  
  • Seek to join us on our annual women’s retreat.  In 2019, that retreat will be hosted in Aruba.  It’s all about your opportunity to Relax, Relate and Release with sand in your toes and sun in your eyes!  
  • Become a black card-carrying, Premium member of Power to Exhale Travel and/or become a professional, certified Power to Exhale Travel agent!
Membership definitely has its privileges!  Get in where you fit in!
Jump Sis, and watch that net appear!  And, as soon as possible, go to our online store, and grab a t-shirt, a coffee mug, and/or a hoodie and rep your sisterhood!  We want to see you in the streets and love on you!
Can’t wait to meet you! Take a deep breath in, and release!  You just found your Power to Exhale!
Love ya,
Charla Young